The Canadian Immigration System has specific guidelines for those that are inadmissible (not allowed to enter Canada) based on the following criteria:

  1. People who are a security risk to people, the environment or nation of Canada. 

  2. People who have engaged in acts of espionage that is against Canada or opposing Canada’s interests. 

  3. People who have been involved or have instigated the subversion of force of any government. 

  4. People who have engaged in acts of terrorism 

  5. People who have been proven to partake in human and/or universal rights infringements

  6. People who have been indicted for wrongdoing. 

  7. People who have connections to individuals or organizations that have been connected with wrongdoing. 

  8. People who have severe, or contagious medical issues. 

  9. People who are not financially stable 

  10. People who have lied on past or present immigration applications

  11. People who don’t meet the conditions set forth in Canada’s movement law

  12. People who are related to relatives that are inadmissible to Canada

In the most part, persons who have been classified as inadmissible to Canada will continue to have this classification. If there are specific instances that alter your inadmissible classification, you may be allowed to apply for a temporary resident permit.