Migrating From the United States

Every year there are a growing number of immigrants moving from the United States into Canada. This is due to Canada’s growing economy, quality of life, and inexpensive cost of living. People from the United States can move to Canada on a temporary basis or on a permanent basis. We have detailed these options below for your convenience: 

Temporary Immigration: 

  • Studying in Canada: Thousands of students are increasingly turning to Canada as a great place to study. Low costs of education and living, coupled with high employment rate, internship opportunities, quality of life, and language skills continue to attract more university level students every year. There are several programs developed by Canada’s immigration department to assist students in immigrating to Canada:

    • SWAP Working Holidays: Under the Student Work Abroad Programs (SWAP), U.S. natives between the ages of eighteen and thirty may obtain a work permit for a single year if they were enlisted in a full-time post-auxiliary educational institution within the last year. 

  • General Temporary Worker: In order to begin working in Canada, U.S. citizens must obtain a work permit from the Canadian Government. In order to obtain this permit, you are required to have a valid job offer from a Canadian corporation. In order to offer a full-time position, this Canadian corporation will likely be required to complete a Labor Market Assessment (LMIA) report demonstrating lack of quality labor in their specific location and previous, failed efforts in hiring Canadian citizens.

  • NAFTA: The North American Free Trade Agreement: allows U.S. citizens to work in Canada without the need for a LMIA report as long as they meet one of the three, following classifications: 

    • NAFTA Professional: This classification allows professionals to work in Canada as long as they are focuses on 1 of 60 industries including education, science and law.

    • NAFTA Intra-Company Transfer: This classification allows U.S. citizens to immigrate to Canada if they are transferring 

    • NAFTA Traders and Investors: If you are a United States Citizen whose owns a significant portion of a Canadian based company, you are allowed to work in Canada under this classification. 

Permanent Immigration:

U.S. Citizens or Temporary Residents can opt for a permanent residency in Canada under one of the three following categories: 


  • Express Entry: Developed in 2015, express entry is an immigration avenue developed by the Canadian government to aid in the speedy immigration of high skilled workers into Canada. This program evaluates applicants based on a number of criteria including language proficiency, financial stability, work experience, age, and job prospects.  

  • Provincial Nomination: Canadian provinces are allowed to independently process immigrants. Often times, these provinces have their own set of criteria and immigration process. This type of immigration is called the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) and is intended for people who are interested in immigrating into a specific province. 

  • Family Sponsorship: If you have a relative that is 18 years or older, they are allowed to sponsor you for immigration into Canada. 

  • Business Immigration: Entrepreneurs, financial professionals and related business professionals interested in working in Canada can immigrate into Canada if they are able to prove financials self-sufficiency and positive impact on Canada’s economy. If you are a professional interested in immigrating to Canada under this classification, please contact a member of our team to learn about the specific requirements and applications.