Quebec Immigration

The Canadian territory of Quebec has several different rules and regulations pertaining to immigration compared to the rest of Canada. Quebec is a primarily French-speaking province. With over 8 million occupants, Quebec is home to more than 1/4th of Canada’s entire population. In fact, more than 4 million people live in the Montreal territory of Quebec making it the second highest populace city in Canada. There are four classifications of immigration policy:


  • Permanent Workers: Quebec welcomes applications for permanent workers through the specialist worker program. Under this program, candidates receive points through the use of different criteria to determine if they are eligible for immigration. Some of these criteria consider your work experience, education level, ability to speaking French or English associate with Quebec, job offers / opportunities, family ties, financial self-sufficiency and the number of children who you will be immigrating with.

  • Business Professionals: The government of Quebec has three classifications pertaining to the immigration of business professionals. These classifications are listed below:

    • Entrepreneur Program: This program is designed entrepreneurs who are interested in immigrating to Canada and creating a new company.

    • Investor Program: This program is for professionals planning to move to Quebec and seeking investment opportunity in the province

    • Self-Employed Worker Program: If you already own a business but are looking to immigrate into Quebec, we recommend applying for immigration status as a self-employed worker.

  • Quebec Experience Class (PEQ): If you have previously studied or worked in Quebec, you may qualify for immigration status under the PEQ class. Attaining the Quebec Certificate of Selection (otherwise known as the Quebec Selection Certificate or “CSQ”) is the initial step towards PEQ migration, once this step is complete, you can apply for IRCC government approval. There are two options for immigration under the PEQ class:

    • Temporary Foreign Workers: If you have worked in Quebec as a skilled, administrative, or professional worker you should apply as a temporary foreign worker. This program requires demonstration of French language skills.

    • Foreign Students: If you are an international student currently studying at an educational institution that is endorsed by the Quebec Ministry of Education you should apply for immigration status as a foreign student. You must be working to obtain your 24-month degree. Furthermore, you must have the ability to prove your fluency in French.

  • Family Reunification: If you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident living in Quebec you are allowed to sponsor as relative that is younger than 18 and unmarried. To learn more details about this program, please contact a member of our team.

  • Humanitarian Immigration: Similar to humanitarian immigration in mainland Canada, the government of Quebec lets a specific number of refugees migrate into Canada every year. To qualify for immigration into Quebec, each candidate must demonstrate significant need and high likelihood that returning to their home country would result in bodily harm or persecution. If the candidate is able to prove these circumstances, the Quebec immigration department will evaluate the candidate’s work experience, language skills, job opportunities and family ties.